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Hiking Trails

Vitipalu Adventure Trail / Fairy Trail (Haldjarada)

Along the adventure trail, you will be accompanied by exciting tree statues and the secretive glances of fairies, and awaiting you on the banks of the creek will be pokus – creatures from Estonian legend. It will come as a surprise to find yourself on a witch's island, reaching which means you will have to cross the witch's bridge. Then, you will find yourself in a true witch's house. The 1.5 km long trail starts and ends at the witch's house picnic area. Near the adventure trail, there is a low adventure trail with various attractions suitable for both children and adults.If you are tired of the adventures, you can rest on the witch's house picnic site or the Jõeharu picnic site. There is an outdoor classroom near the campfire site, which can accommodate a group of twenty.

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Length/Distance 1.5


Camping area

Drop Toilet

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Recreation area/picnic ground

Free parking

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