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Hiking Trails

Vapramäe-Vellavere-Vitipalu hiking trails

Vapramäe, Vellavere and Vitipalu are areas with beautiful nature that are connected by a network of hiking trails. You can come and look around on your own, or order guide services and a hiking package. The most valuable features of the landscape protection area are its diverse terrain, the sand outcrop of the valley of the River Elva and the flooded meadows that have been preserved and restored on the flood plains. When walking in Vapramäe, you will get an excellent workout from walking across the eskers; during the walk, you can read the legends of Kalevipoeg. Vellavere will enchant you with its village landscape. Vellavere and Vapramäe have Nature Houses. When walking along our trail, you'll come across a witch's dwelling, a forest cabin, a watchtower, climbing attractions and a village swing.

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Length/Distance 3.0

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