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Conference venues

Vanemuine Theatre (conference centre in the Small Building)

The Small Building of Vanemuine Theatre offers conference services in a historical theatre building. There's a theatre auditorium, oval auditorium, cloakrooms, rehearsal auditoriums, and a café. There are 427 seats in the auditorium (299 in the parterre / 128 on the balcony). The stage is 146 m². The theatre has modern lightning equipment, Regia Opera console with 2048 channels. Stationary sound equipment (Martin Audio amplifier, Allen & Heath ML3000). Sound design can be ordered. There are eight cloakrooms and three rehearsal auditoriums of various sizes. The oval auditorium (58 m²) can seat 50 when arranged as a café and 100 when arranged for a conference.

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Features and amenities



Conference equipment

Translation booths

Wheelchair accessible


Number of rooms

Number of translators' cabins 1

Number of seminar rooms (up to 50 places) 1

Number of conference rooms (up to 300 places) 1

Additional services


Banquet available

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