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Official tourism site of Tartu and Tartu County

Tartu Conference Ambassador Programme

In order to support and encourage conference organisers, the Tartu Convention Bureau together with the Estonian Convention Bureau have initiated the Conference Ambassador Programme, within the framework of which the organisers are provided with comprehensive assistance during the preparatory phase of the conference, including attracting speciality events to Tartu.


A Tartu Conference Ambassador is a specialist who regularly participates in international cooperation projects in their area of expertise, and wishes to bring their association’s or organisation’s conference to Tartu.


The aim of the Tartu Conference Ambassador Programme is to support and appreciate the conference organisers who, by bringing their speciality events to Tartu, enhance the reputation of Tartu as well as Estonia as a great conference destination, while also drawing attention to the strong research and competence landscapes here.


All those who are already organising an international conference in Tartu or wish to bring their speciality conference to Tartu in the future are welcome to join the programme. As well as all those who wish to draw (international) attention to their discipline or activity, and be of use to their organisation, speciality or city, are also welcome to become conference ambassadors.


Conference Ambassador Programme activities:


  • Workshops and seminars on practical topics related to conference organisation
  • Introducing conference venues
  • Introducing suitable recreational programmes for conferences
  • Individual meetings
  • Appreciation events
  • Spreading conference themed news


For more information and to join the programme, please contact the Tartu Convention Bureau (conference [at] (meet)kaia.lehtsaar [at] ( or the Estonian Convention Bureau (info [at] by e-mail.

Participation in the programme is free for everyone.


Ambassador seminars


Within the framework of the Tartu Conference Ambassador Programme, ambassador seminars take place twice a year, with the aim to provide an opportunity to get acquainted with different conference rooms, keep up with conference news from Tartu and Estonia, and share experiences and ideas. Both conference ambassadors as well as all active conference organisers are welcome to join the seminars. If you wish to be put on the Tartu Convention Bureau’s mailing list, please make it known by e-mail at: conference [at] (meet)kaia.lehtsaar [at] (

Last updated: 28.02.2023