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Camping & Caravans

Spending the night on Lake Peipus, in the sauna boat ’Mesi-spa’

Looking for new experiences? Spend your holiday by Lake Peipus and use the unique opportunity to spend a night on the lake itself. The sauna boat of Mesi Tare Home Accommodation, which is called Mesi-spa, is suitable for both romantic packages and families. The boat can accommodate four people and there is a sauna and a kitchenette with the necessary supplies and dishes.

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Features and amenities


Car park (not guarded)

Free parking

Camping area

Drop Toilet

Recreation area/picnic ground

Pets allowed

Sauna complex

Free time and relaxation

Swimming area

Barbecue area

Sauna complex

Additional services

Bike rental

Campground amenities


Fire pit

Drop Toilet

Room amenities

Shared toilet

Bed linen

Number of rooms

Beds 4

Number of houses/buildings total 1

Beds in house/home/building 4

Rooms total 1

Number of beds in the low season 4

Camping area 4

Number of beds in the high season 4

Additional services

Kitchen available

Tent hire

Housing type


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