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Skating rink and skate rental at Lake Verevi

Lake Verevi, located in Elva, in the centre of the picturesque South Estonian pine forests, is a perfect holiday destination all year round because there is a skating rink open in the winter. It is also possible to sled near the lake! You can rent skates at Verevi Motel, located within walking distance. The motel also sells drinks and snacks. The skates are rented on the basis of an identity document during the opening hours of the motel. We have 20 pairs of skates for all ages. Before going on the ice, please pay attention to the ice conditions to make sure skating there will be safe.

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  • Hugo Raudsepa tänav 2, Elva linn
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  • +372 7457084
  • +372 59181905
  • verevi [at]
  • Facebook
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  • Adult from 2.5€

    Child from 2.5€

    Pensioner from 2.5€

    University student from 2.5€

    School student from 2.5€

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