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Official tourism site of Tartu and Tartu County

Projects & campaigns

Tartu County Tourism Foundation represents the city and county of Tartu in the projects connected to the Via Hanseatica tourism routes. The foundation is one of the partners of the Livonian Culinary Route project, financed by Estonia-Latvia Programme. The main aim of partner's activities is to create the Taste Hanseatica culinary route based on common national and cultural heritage.  In the Via Hanseatica Plus project, financed by the Estonia Russia Programme, the main aim is to extend the existing tourism route from Riga to St Petersburg towards Rakvere and Viljandi in Estonia and towards Vyborg and Pskov in Russia.


In the past, Tartu County Tourism Foundation has carried out a large number of diverse projects, in the course of which public tourism services have been developed, tourist attractions have been created and restored, various marketing activities have been implemented, and much more. The most notable among the recently finished projects, in which Tartu County Tourism Foundation participated as a collaborative partner, is "Living on the Edge", initiated by Local Action Groups of Leader in South Estonia.


The most important among the campaigns are various marketing campaigns in the neighbouring countries as well as the annual summer campaign of the city of Tartu.

Last updated: 09.03.2022

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