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Official tourism site of Tartu and Tartu County

Practical info & tips

The number of conference events taking place in Tartu increases with each year. More and more different international events take place here, during which Tartu is host to many experts in their respective fields. Capable organisers as well as the growth of possibilities and quality found in the city of Tartu, both in the service and infrastructure spheres, definitely have their own part in the increase of conference tourism. According to the database gathering conference statistics, more than 600 conference events took place in Tartu in the year 2017. Certainly, this is by no means the final number, and in reality, even more events took place.


What exactly can the Tartu Convention Bureau (TCB) do in order to help the conference organiser?

The organisation of association conferences often begins with competing for receiving conference rights – herein, the TCB can provide assistance, for example, in the preparation of bid documents when putting together a destination presentation.


When struggling with organising an introductory trip for an international association, or finding caterers, organising companies and all sorts of other partners, it is always worthwhile to turn to the TCB. It is also useful to contact the Tartu Convention Bureau to get ideas for pre- and post-tours as well as leisure and networking events. In addition, advice and help are provided on the selection of materials for introducing Estonia and Tartu as a destination, as well as assembling printed materials chosen for the distribution to conference delegates.


The TCB is very often contacted about funding questions. The Tartu Convention Bureau itself does not fund any conferences, however, guidelines are provided on the part of various sponsoring funds. Among local sponsorships, the city of Tartu has the Tartu conferece support programme to facilitate conducting conferences here. The applications for funding can be submitted twice a year. For large international events, support can be requested from EAS (Enterprise Estonia), for example, and it is always worthwhile to look into the development funds of relevant sectors.


For a better flow of information, it is worthwhile to have yourself put as an organiser on the list of conference organisers or join the Tartu Conference Ambassador Programme, the idea of which is to support conference organisers in their activities through regular informative seminars and consulting.


The Tartu Convention Bureau column gathers as much information as possible, which helps to facilitate the work of conference organisers. Most of the seminar rooms located in the city of Tartu and its vicinity, contacts of catering providers, transportation companies, travel agencies and so forth can be found. In addition, you can find ideas for leisure programmes, and get acquainted with materials introducing the city of Tartu. The conference calendar allows you to get an overview of what is happening and where, to help avoid a situation where several major conference events that could compete with each other on organisational matters take place in the city at the same time.


A conference organiser’s summarising reminder:


  • Figure out well ahead of time how many different seminars/workshops should take place simultaneously, and book the necessary conference rooms early on

  • Make agreements with accommodation establishments

  • Announce your conference early on

  • Think through the logistic solutions

  • For larger and sizeable events, do not hesitate to use the help of a professional conference organisation company. You can ask for help in carrying out various activities – looking for sponsors, registration, etc.

  • Find out about different additional funding options – sponsors, EAS, the city of Tartu, etc.

  • Determine which other major events take place in the city at the same time with the conference

  • Gather a trustworthy team around you

  • If possible, involve students/trainees as well – for them it is an invaluable experience

  • Definitely introduce the venue (Tartu and Tartu County) to the participants – either as an interlude during the conference, before or after it.

Last updated: 18.01.2022