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Official tourism site of Tartu and Tartu County

Practical info & tips

1. Reasons why you should organize a conference in Tartu



2. How to get to Tartu?


3Different conference venues

4. Pre & Post Tours in Tartu and County 



5. Videos and Photos



6. Nine Places to Hold a Memorable Event in Tartu


Find an unique and memorable place to hold your conference.


7. Group catering


There are more than 80 restaurants in Tartu, which offer delicious food and tasty drinks for groups. Many of them also cater for vegetarians or vegans. 


8. Guidelines for Organising Environmentally Friendly Events


Cultural events and conferences can also lead the way in green change. This guide to organizing environmentally friendly events consists of minimum requirements and practical recommendations that will benefit the person organizing the event in each field.


9. Tartu 2024


Tartu together with Southern Estonia, will be the European Capital of Culture In 2024. The European Capital of Culture is Europe's most prized cultural project, bringing together all the ideas, people and areas of an organizing city or region. The leading theme of Tartu 2024, the European Capital of Culture is “Arts of Survival” which is meant to express the power of the arts in affecting Europe’s future in three larger areas of life: environmentally friendly culture with a focus on real human communication, strong communities and essential skills for living and, indeed, survival in the coming years.


10. Have Fun in Tartu


Tartu County offers many fascinating activities throughout the year. Get inspired and pick out your favorite here.



Last updated: 04.01.2024