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Photohunt at the cultural history trail in Elva

If you want to get to know the cultural objects in Elva through an adventure, then this fun team game is the best way to do so! The team is divided into groups, each of which will receive a map of the cultural history trail of Elva. To capture the objects, each group will also receive a digital camera and a task which requires a creative solution. The more daring and inventive the teams are, the funnier it will be to look at the photos later on a big screen. The photohunt in the city does not require much physical effort and getting lost is also not an option. This activity is suitable for fun groups of all ages.

Features and amenities

Number of participants

Minimum number of participants 10

Maximum number of participants 50

Languages spoken



Further information

Duration (hours) 3


Recreation area/picnic ground

Free parking

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