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Peipsi village life workshop ‘Onion Route subbotnik’

Want to discover the Onion Route? Sometimes, you just have to spend time with your friends and do something new. Come and discover the authentic village life of Peipsi through the everyday tasks of the local people! Depending on the season, we offer the following activities: - in early spring, we will focus on fishing and drying fish; - in late spring, we will cut brushwood, burn branches, and enjoy the fire; - in the summer, we will pick willow-herb and make traditional tea with the hostess; - in the autumn, we will build a mobile sauna from scratch. The price also includes saunas, local food and people, and accommodation for two nights. Ask for more information!

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Number of participants

Minimum number of participants 6

Maximum number of participants 10

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Duration (hours) 36


Free parking



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