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Official tourism site of Tartu and Tartu County

Multi-storey car parks in the city centre of Tartu


There are four multi-storey car parks in the city centre of Tartu, where you can park your car:



Entrance from Riia and Uueturu streets, exit to Uueturu Street. The first hour of parking is free, the second hour is €0.60, with each subsequent hour starting at €1. Lost or damaged ticket fee is €10. The car park is open Mon–Fri 09.00–22.00, and Sun 10.00–20.00.



The multi-storey car park, located on floors 1–3, is open 24 hours a day. Entrances to the multi-storey car park are located at the Riia-Turu intersection and on Soola Street, next to the Dorpat Hotel. Exit only onto Soola Street.


The entrance and exit to the basement car park is located on Soola Street, the entrance to which is open 24 hours a day. Between 23.00 and 07.00, you must enter and exit the Centre via the additional exit on Turu Street (the door is located under the Gym! sign), which is located on the ground floor level of the Centre. To enter, call +372-5919-1192 and wait a few seconds for the door to open for you.


The first hour of parking at the Tasku Centre is free, each additional hour is €1, and for 6–24 hour parking the fee is €7 per day. Parking is free for 15 minutes from 21.00–07.00, and €1 for each hour thereafter. A 24-hour monthly pass costs €96/month. You can pay for your parking at the pay station using cash, a bank card, or via mobile phone. Pay stations are located on each parking level.



The car park is open 24 hours a day. Parking is free for one hour from 08.00–23.00, each additional hour is €1. The parking fee for one night is €15. Payment can be made in cash or by bank card, using the pay stations located at the P1 parking level travelators, or the P1 or P2 lifts. On the P2 floor of the Kvartal (on the hotel side) there is an Enefit Volt charging point for electric cars, suitable for both European and Japanese charging standard electric cars.


The entrance to the two underground storeys is from Turu and Soola streets. Outside the Centre’s opening hours, you can access the car park via Entrance 1, located on the Riia Street side, next to the Tokyo Sushi Bar. To enter, you must enter the last three digits of your valid parking ticket on the keypad by the door.



One hour of parking costs €1. One month’s parking Mon–Fri 17.00–8.00, Sat and Sun all day is €30; an entire month of parking at any time of day is €96. Parking is paid for immediately prior to exiting the car park, at the pay stations located by the staircase on the ground floor level and 2nd floor. After payment, you have 15 minutes to exit. The entrance is located on Raatuse Street, from the road between the Raatuse 21 and Raatuse 23 buildings, and the exit is located on Põik Street.


Last updated: 30.11.2022