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Official tourism site of Tartu and Tartu County

Move to Tartu

Tartu is the European Capital of Culture in 2024, Nima Sarabi


Tartu, the youthful second largest city of Estonia (population ~ 100,000) with a rich cultural legacy, offers very good living conditions for everyone – secondary school students beginning their lives, university students, working-age residents as well as families with children and the elderly. Social and health care services are accessible and, thanks to an excellent infrastructure, it is easy to navigate the city on foot, by bike as well as by public transport. A vibrant cultural scene and sports life offer plenty of possibilities for recreational activities and unforgettable experiences at numerous major events. Tartu is one of the cities with the lowest living expenses in Europe, yet still maintaining the high quality.



Tartu Old Town, Ragnar Vutt



Tartu`s 17 neighbourhoods, of which 12 are situated on the right bank of the Emajõgi River and 5 on the left bank, offer suitable living conditions to people with all kinds of needs and requests. Whether the place of residence is the bohemian wooden house district of Karlova or Supilinn, the industrial areas Ropka, Veeriku and Raadi, the lively city centre, the quiet Tammelinn, the nature-loving Ihaste, or rather the most populous neighbourhood Annelinn that mainly consists of panel houses – there is something for everyone`s taste and within their budget on the real estate market.



Annelinn, Tarmo Haud


When a suitable place to live in has been found, we recommend registering as a resident of Tartu in order to enjoy all the benefits one has! To submit a notice of residence, an identity document and a document that certifies the right to use the residence is needed. It is especially easy to go through the process of the population registry using the state portal or by visiting the Population Registry Service of Tartu City Government (Küüni Street 5). Becoming a city resident is important for the city to be able to better plan the development in various urban fields and neighborhoods, and also to positively influence the budgets of all plans. If all the people who actually live here would register as residents, Tartu would receive hundreds of thousands of euros annually solely from the state budget equalisation fund – with that sum, a lot could be done already.


Participative budgeting idea – outdoor gym, Ahto Sooaru


Registered city residents have first priority to receive all the benefits. For instance, Tartu`s residents are ensured kindergarten and school places, (additional) childbirth allowances and a silver spoon, free public transport for persons who are 65 or older and for families with four or more children. Residents are also granted the right to vote in the process of participative budgeting. Participative budgeting is a public competition of ideas to which 1% of the city`s investment budget is contributed and residents can vote to decide which ideas they wish to implement the most. This gives every resident of the city the opportunity to be directly involved in the development of Tartu.


If you are new to Tartu, then make sure you pay a visit to Tartu Welcome Centre because they have a team of local advisers who provide support and guidance to you in the process of making Tartu your new home.


Tartu awaits you and your good thoughts, and as a bonus, always gives back its fair share of new ones! By moving here, there is a chance that these good thoughts will become a real part of you and will surely carry over to your loved ones!

Last updated: 13.01.2022