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Hiking Trails

Ilmatsalu-Kärevere Linnutee hiking trail

Ilmatsalu-Kärevere Linnutee is a 3.5 km hiking trail that can be passed on foot, by bike, on skis, or on a horse. There are four rest areas on the trail, where you can make a fire and rest; there are also two picnic areas. The trail begins and ends in a car park with an information board. Linnutee connects some of the most exciting bird watching areas of Tartu County into a chain linked by the fish ponds in Ilmatsalu, Kärevere Bird Conservation Area, and Alam-Pedja Nature Reserve. Linnutee offers surprises for hikers all year round.

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Features and amenities

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Length/Distance 3.5


Information boards

Recreation area/picnic ground

Viewing platform

Drop Toilet

Camping area

Wheelchair accessible