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Eat & Drink

Cookout & Workshops

Fish cooking workshop on Lake Peipus

We offer a special dining trip in nature. You will fish with an experienced fisherman on lake Peipus (we will ride a self-built car with enormous wheels to get there). Beforehand, the fisherman will introduce fishing gear and techniques to you. You will learn about the life of fishermen, their traditions, and fish dishes. We will also cook delicious dishes from the fish we caught. The price includes transportation onto the lake, a guide, and food. The trip begins at Mesi Tare Home Accommodation.

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  • Kesk tänav 119, Varnja alevik
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  • +372 5181125
  • info [at]
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  • Homepage
  • Advance bookings only
  • Adult from 20€

    Group price from 200€

Features and amenities

Languages spoken


Number of participants

Minimum number of participants 10

Maximum number of participants 20

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Duration (hours) 2


Free parking

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