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118 0 #Repost @accidentallywesanderson • • • • • ________________________ Town Hall | Tartu, Estonia | c. 1789 • • Tartu Town Hall (Estonian: Tartu raekoda) is the seat of the city government of Tartu, Estonia. Located on Town Hall Square, in the city center, it was built in early classicist style with strong baroque features and is one of the most important symbols of the city • • The history of the town hall pre-dates the current structure, as the present building is the third consecutive town hall built on the same location. • • After the fire of 1775, Tartu began to obtain its present configuration and the Town Hall was built. The original building was designed by the master-builder of the town, Johann Heinrich Bartholomäus Walter (1734-1802). The cornerstone was laid in 1782, and although the Town Hall was festively opened in 1786, the finishing touches were not made until 1789 • • The three-storied building with a high hip-roof and a ridge tower follows the traditions of Baroque urban palaces in the Netherlands. The Town Hall of Narva, built in the 17th century, was inspired by the same example • • The building had to perform several functions simultaneously and for this reason its planning was extremely economical. In the vaulted cellar and on the ground floor there was a prison, together with the room for its guards. In the right wing – where a pharmacy has been open since 1922 – there was the city board of weights and measures • • During its existence, the Town Hall has undergone several changes from the ground floor being fully rebuilt to having temporary rooms erected to house a bank. Despite these alterations, the Town Hall has preserved its historical shape • • The Town Council and the Government continue to work in the Town Hall today, underscoring the idea that Tartu is a town of traditions • • • 📷 : @milaiwanowa • ✍: @Wikipedia + @Tartulinn • • #AccidentallyWesAnderson #WesAnderson #VscoArchitecture #Vsco #Vscotravel #AccidentalWesAnderson #travelmore #Wanderlust #SymmetricalMonsters #Tartu #Estonia #visittartu