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Official tourism site of Tartu and Tartu County


A professional guide is a dignified and loyal representative of both Estonia and Tartu who respects all visitors, thus shaping the good image of their city and promoting the reputation of Estonia as a tourist destination. In order to ensure a high quality tour guide service, the city of Tartu has developed a procedure for the attestation of guides.


Attestation takes place in October, with more precise dates published on the Visit Tartu website at least a month before the attestation takes place. Primary attestation takes place every other year, re-attestation every year. Primary attestation consists of a written test and a practical exam in the form of a city tour (walking as well as bus tour). Only those who have successfully passed the written test can proceed to the practical part. To pass the re-attestation, only a practical walking tour has to be successfully completed.


Those who successfully pass the tour guide exam are issued a guide certificate that is valid for up to 5 years.


In 2021 the attestation takes place on 21st of October.

Previous consulting and written test on 14th of October.


The attestation is organised by the city of Tartu and the Tartu County Tourism Foundation, in cooperation with organisations uniting guides. The attestation committee is composed of representatives of the Tartu County Tourism Foundation, Tartu City Government, University of Tartu, Estonian Travel and Tourism Association, Tartu Tourist Guides Association and Estonian Senior Guides Association.


The attestation of thematic tours is fee-based. The amount of the fee is determined by the Tartu County Tourism Foundation with a decree. In 2021 the fee is 20 euros (SA Tartumaa Turism, IBAN: EE242200221012304942).


For further information please contact sille.siniavski [at]


Last updated: 21.08.2022