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Enterprise Estonia grant for international conferences

During 2015-2020 the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Culture in cooperation with the Enterprise Estonia tourism development centre will give out a grant from the funds of the European Regional Development Fund for the organisation of international events and conferences held in Estonia.  

The aim is to present Estonia as the destination of international conferences and cultural and sporting events.


The minimum amount of the grant for one conference is 7,500 euros and the maximum amount is 30,000 euros.


The grant can be applied for by a state and local authority establishment and a legal person that is registered in Estonia.


The maximum grant percentage from the entire cost is 70% and own contribution is at least 30%.


The conference that is supported must follow these terms:


  • conference takes place in Estonia;

  • the marketing activities are planned on at least one foreign market outside Estonia and information about Estonia’s tourism opportunities is offered as part of the event;

  • the total number of  foreign participants is a minimum of 50 in the capital city and it’s close surroundings (Harju county) or a minimum of 25 outside of this region;

  • the programme of the conference lasts for at least 2 consecutive days;

  • the time of the conference taking place is not earlier than 3 months after the submission of the application and not later than 30 months from the submission of the application;

  • the applicant will involve small and medium-sized enterprises servicing participants of the conference;

  • marketing materials are based on the Estonian marketing concept;

  • the recipient of the grant notifies of the website in its marketing channels.


The grant can be used for covering the following expenses:


  • marketing expenses in foreign countries;

  • transport and accommodation expenses of persons arriving from foreign countries;

  • transport and accommodation expenses of the journalists of foreign countries;

  • expenses of international television and web broadcasts;

  • expenses of the technology, equipment, rent of premises;

  • expenses of organising and servicing the conference or event;

  • organising a tour introducing Estonia as a tourism destination;

  • expenses of organising the opening and closing event;

  • expenses related to collecting and analysing the visitors’ statistics and feedback;

  • expenses for complying with the notification obligation of structural support;

  • expenses for using the Estonian marketing concept.


The applications for the grant given for organising the conference are given on a running basis.

Last updated: 06.09.2022