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Guided tours

Day trip on the Onion Route

This seven-hour trip to Onion Route provides an overview of: *The culture of Baltic Germans at Alatskivi Castle; *The culture of Estonian peasants and the Kodavere Parish at Liiv Museum; *The culture of Russian Old Believers at Varnja Chapel; *The local onion growing at the Kostja onion farm (with onion pies and samovar tea). Participants will make a souvenir with the woodblock printing technique at the Peipsimaa Visitor Centre. At each location, you and your friends will be greeted by a guide who can tell you a lot of stories and tales. The price depends on the number of participants. Additionally, you can order transportation (to pick you up at a place that is suitable to you), accommodation, and catering.

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Number of participants

Minimum number of participants 6

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Duration (hours) 7

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By car

Tour bus

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