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Conference support programme in Tartu

Tartu conference funding has been initiated in order to raise awareness of Tartu as a world-class conference destination, and to help increase the number of conference participants’ overnight stays in the accommodation establishments in Tartu. 


The funding applications are to be submitted via the City Government’s system for receiving and processing applications. Applicant can be either a legal person or a public institution. Applicant cannot be a natural person, local government, institution managed by a local government, government agency or a state institution managed by a government agency.  A non-signatory, or contact person, with an authorisation can also submit an application on behalf of the applicant. Authorisations can be added by people who have been included on the B card of an institution in the Business Register.


The requirements of applying for funding are that the conference is held in Tartu, the total number of overnight stays in the city must amount to a minimum of 200, and the duration of the conference program is at least two consecutive days.


Funding applications for conferences which take place during the period from the 1st of January to the 30th of June are submitted to Tartu City Government no later than by the 1st of October of the previous calendar year, and for the conferences that take place during the period from the 1st of July to the 31st of December, by the 1st of April of the same calendar year.


  • Submit application  here
  • Add authorisation  here


Additional information: merje.laimets [at]

Last updated: 04.01.2024

Foto: Mana Kaasik