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Water adventure

A canoe trip in the night glow of torches

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An exciting and romantic canoe trip on the River Emajõgi at night is a completely unique experience: twilight, the glow of torches, the sound of nature at night, and light fog over the water. We will canoe under the guidance of an experienced guide and as a single group up the river to Kvissentali, then turn around, and head back to Tartu. To establish an appropriate mood and provide light, torches will be attached to the prows of the canoes. Participation in the trip is not physically demanding nor require experience in canoeing. It is well suited for a romantic experience with a companion. Book a private trip for your group or join a public group trip organised by us.    

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Features and amenities

Number of participants

Maximum number of participants 20

Minimum number of participants 6

Maximum number of participants 26

Minimum number of participants 1

Maximum number of participants 50

Further information

Duration (hours) 2

Length/Distance 6.0

Languages spoken



Guide service available




Free parking

Additional services

Safety equipment

Special equipment for adults

Special equipment for children

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