Tartu University Library is again opened

As days go by, Tartu University library keeps on being renewed. From Wednesday the 25th of April students are able to study in the main library again, as the first stage of the renovation has already been completed. But there is a catch-people can use only the first and second floor.
The reading rooms on the third floor won’t be opened until autumn, but there are some book collections available at the moment on the second floor. Volunteers are cleaning and placing books as quick as they can, so that students can find whatever they need for their theses or final exams.
The library itself has gone through some physical changes too.The building counts on new lifts, the staircases have been renewed and the lobby and the open spaces on the first floor as well as the second floor have also gone through some changes. For example there are new furniture, more space and you can use self service book borrowing machine.
The conference centre has had a complete remodeling too, offering some fresh air for those looking for a place to celebrate a meeting or a conference, indeed. The centre can accommodate up to 200 people thanks to its movable furniture, and offers the newest technological equipment such as: sound system, portable microphones and tools to record both sound and videos.
There are some seminar rooms too, which can hold a number of 60, 25, 20 and 15 people. These rooms are more suitable for group work, lectures and round table sessions among other events.
Both the Conference Centre and the seminar rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi connection. Besides, the library designer will help (at previous request) with some posters, advertising booklets, table signs etc.
The deadline of these works is due on Wednesday the 9th of January 2019. But if everything goes to the renovation plan, the reconstruction of the reading rooms and the open stacks which replace the former closed stacks should be finished by AS Ehitustrust and OÜ Tallinna Ehitustrust in the autumn semester of 2018.

All the information about the library and the working process can be found HERE

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