Tartu – European Capital of Culture candidate city

What is a European Capital of Culture?
European Capitals of Culture (ECoC) is one of the most recognised and treasured EU projects that started already in 1985. By 2020 60 European cities will have held the title. Project  brings together all ideas, people and stakeholders in the city or region.

Why Tartu?
Tartu wants this and needs this. Tartu wants to deliver the best Estonian ECoC yet. The City Council of Tartu voted for running in the autumn 2017 and after that Tartu is doing it utmost to put itself at the heart of cultural life across Europe.Through culture and art, Tartu as an European Capital of Culture improves the quality of life and strengthens its sense of community. Among the rest. In 2024 Tartu could be in the centre of the whole Europe!

To become an European Capital of Culture (ECoC) Tartu has to compile and submit a bid book setting out its objectives, programme, financing plan etc. It is a 100 pages long document that has to be represented to a group of independent experts (the panel) who assess bids, make recommendations on shortlisting and final selection in the end of 2019. Tartu has started early: already 150+ meetings and 15+ roundtables have  taken place by the end of January 2018 in the context of Tartu 2024,  involving different stakeholders in the city (literature, students, contemporary art, theatre festivals, ICT sector etc.). All that to ensure that all the best ideas from as many people in Tartu as possible are collected together.Tartu 2024 team continues collecting the ideas in the frame of a sustainable Cultural Strategy 2030 (KU30) that will be taken to the City Council in the summer or 2018.  If you have ideas how to enrich the process, you are welcome to visit team office in Raekoja plats 12, Tartu or send them an email. Furthermore, the team is looking for volunteers and trainees to make teal the marketing and communicational goals of Tartu 2024 – For European Capital of Culture, so you can join their young, yet experienced crew.

For more information check their website.

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