Ajujaht, the largest competition of business ideas in Estonia, offers entrepreneurial people an amazing  opportunity to challenge themselves in trying to start a business in a highly supportive environment. Last week, the jury of the competition chose 30 top business ideas out of the best 100 from the previous round of Ajujaht. Most of the teams are from Tartu, 13 out of the top 30. Altogether 341 ideas were submitted to Ajujaht this year.

The ideas from Tartu range from various inventive apps, creative toys and eco-innovative 3D printers  to folding boats, biowaste management, ventilation and heating systems. For example, Festera’s biobox is a personal biostation that one can place in their own kitchen, making composting biowaste fast, easy and odourless. 3cular 3D printers also promote recycling as the printer uses leftovers from the wood processing. Makerlab, on the other hand, showcases their various kits to build a model of an everyday gadget on your own – a loudspeaker, electric guitar, camera, etc. Another notable participant, Triumf Gamification Oy, aims at offering psychological support for children with cancer by presenting a playful app in which children can become superheroes.

The 30 top teams will compete for the 3 places in the final, the grand finale taking place in May 2018. The teams’ intensive training program regarding business models, product development, sales and marketing can be seen on the TV show of the same name – Ajujaht.

Every year, absolutely anyone is welcome to submit their idea to the competition because world-changing enterprises have been founded not only by well-educated specialists but also by young university students and even college dropouts. The competition was initiated by Enterprise Estonia in 2007. The prize fund of 75 000 € provides the opportunity to secure seed capital, first-class expertise from the mentors and  workshops to acquire necessary know-how to create a successful startup. In addition, the competition offers participants much-needed visibility and publicity and may help up-and-coming entrepreneurs make useful contacts.

The success stories of the competition include Click & Grow, Minukleeps, Bikeep, Timbeter, GoWorkaBit, Taxify, Huntloc, and Sprayprinter.

The upcoming season of Ajujaht starts in April 2018 on Estonian Public Broadcasting channel ETV.
More information: Ajujaht

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