Cultural programme for foreigners living in Estonia

Estonian National Museum and International House Tartu start the cultural programme for recently arrived foreigners and other people of other ethnic backgrounds living in Estonia.

“In Estonia, there are communities that do not feel very connected to each other, but a segregated society is vulnerable. To counteract the segregation, we need to know at least a bit about who are the people living next to us. Our dynamic course opens different “doors” for experiencing Estonian culture – or rather, cultures,” says Nastja Pertsjonok, the director of International House Tartu.

Cultural integration programme in Tartu overview:

  • Programme consists of five training days and five study visits.
  • Training days take place in the Estonian National Museum (Muuseumi tee 2, Tartu).
  • The participants may choose between three date ranges and two support languages.
  • Groups are either with Russian, English or Russian + English support language.
  • There are max 25 people in each group.
  • Participation is free of charge!

“Estonian National Museum is home to Estonian culture, we carry the fundamental values of the nation, and stand for the continuity,” says Virve Tuubel, the programme manager at Estonian National Museum. “Estonian National Museum also has the world´s biggest Fenno-Ugric collection. Museum´s new building and the expositions are the perfect meeting point for people and cultures!”

The participants will also be able to share their culture, widen their networks and learn the stories of people who have come to live in Estonia.

The programme runs twice a week from September to November and the participants can choose between several time slots. In 2018, the programme will host 150 participants in total.  Participation is free of charge.

The programme also invites Estonian volunteers to participate, share their view on Estonian culture, and learn about other cultures. For volunteering, please contact the Estonian National Museum.

The Integration Foundation funds the programme through the European Social Fund’s project “Activities supporting integration in Estonian society”. The Estonian National Museum, the International House Tartu and the Society of Friends of the Estonian National Museum carry out the programme.

More information and registration:

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