Baltic TRAM opened first application round for entrepeneurs

The Baltic TRAM project has opened the first application round for entrepreneurs, offering companies free access to state-of-the-art analytical research facilities in the research institutions of the Baltic Sea region, providing scientific and technical knowledge for developing new  services or products.

Baltic TRAM is an international project co-financed by the EU Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme. The overall objective of the project is to boost innovation, secure the implementation of smart specialisation strategies and encourage entrepreneurship by supporting small and medium-size enterprises,  contributing to the regional effort of making the Baltic Sea Region sustainable, innovative and competitive.

Companies whose applications are selected for support are offered opportunity to consult with experts in competent research institutions or analytical research facilities and free studies of material samples. Through the scientific advice just for their specific business needs, companies will be able to upscale the knowledge of their materials, properties and have an opportunity to improve their in-house manufacturing processes or product portfolio.

Baltic TRAM partners  established a comprehensive network of structures that serve as an interface between research institutions and companies, so called Industrial Research Centers (IReC), around the Baltic Sea.  IReCs are units that support the companies’ needs and can help entrepreneurs during the entire application period – from defining the task to specifying follow-up activities that would help the company apply the newly acquired knowledge in product development or in their manufacturing process. If there are no measurement facilities in the applicant’s country, the Baltic TRAM network will help to find such facilities at another partner.

Companies from all European Union member states may apply for free measurements. Applications may be sent by the application form on Baltic TRAM’s website.

Further information about the procedure and precise contact information is also available on the website , additional information is offered by the ADAPTER cooperation network of universities (Estonian IReC).

Sources: UT, Baltic Tram


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