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Bicycle tour through old villages in Vapramäe-Vitipalu-Vellavere

Bicycle tour through old villages for curious explorers looking for new trails and physically fit hikers on the slopes of the old valley of River Elva. The new life of old villages: the former Tõravere watermill now produces green energy, the Meeri community centre offers refreshments for passers-by, the field of Hiire farm is now used for looking at space from the telescopes of the Tõravere observatory, the villagers of Külaaseme have built a new village centre and swing, and the cottages in the deep forest offer relaxation to those who arrive from the city. Come and discover! Length of the tour: 20 km. Duration of the tour: 3–4 hours. The tour begins and ends at the parking lot of Vapramäe landscape protection area.

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Minimum number of participants 25

Maximum number of participants 10

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