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Official tourism site of Tartu and Tartu County

Areas of expertise

The aim of the Tartu Convention Bureau is to value and develop Tartu as a conference city. An important point is also to raise the reputation of Tartu as an attractive conference city and spread the relevant information both nationally and internationally.


Tartu Convention Bureau (TCB, Tartu Konverentsibüroo in Estonian) was legally registered as a trademark by the Tartu County Tourism Foundation in the year 2006. TCB was established mainly to ensure an opportunity for a free consultation and impartial exchange of information to anyone wishing to organise a conference in Tartu.


In the year 2008, TCB became a member of the Estonian Convention Bureau. The Estonian Convention Bureau, a non-profit organisation, is an umbrella organisation for conference tourism, the aim of whom it is to shape the international image and raise awareness of Estonia as a whole, and increase the number of international conferences held in Estonia.


The main tasks of the Tartu Convention Bureau:


  • introducing and promoting Tartu as a conference and incentive city;

  • managing the implementation of the Tartu conference funding measure;

  • developing the product concept of a conference city in cooperation with the public and private sectors as well as research institutions;

  • drawing up a yearly TCB marketing plan and implementing it;

  • developing cooperation with various conference and tourism organisations;

  • participating in the work and activities of the Estonian Conference Bureau;

  • conference tourism marketing activities in both target countries and within Estonia;

  • managing the conference services database (incl. Internet-based);

  • impartial advice on the selection of conference venues, additional services, etc.;

  • compiling conference tourism information materials;

  • developing of a functioning cooperation network, including the organisation of a functioning conference tourism round table discussions;

  • planning and organising relevant courses when necessary, in cooperation with different institutions;

  • collecting and analysing Tartu conference tourism statistics;

  • analysing the condition, development trends and problems of the conference services offered, drawing conclusions resulting from it, and, if necessary, submitting proposals to local governments;

  • informing the public about the bureau’s activities, key events in the development of conference tourism, etc.; arranging FAM trips for tour operators, journalists; communication with the media.



For further information, please contact meet [at] or  +372 740 0782.

Last updated: 10.03.2023