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Hiking Trails

Alatskivi Hiking Trail

The 4.5 km long trail around Lake Lossijärv with its varied terrain and beautiful views offers visitors plenty of excitement and sights at any time of year. The trail starts at Alatskivi or by the Bed of Kalevipoeg. Alatskivi Castle and Castle Park, Hirveaed Garden, the Oak of Loyalty, Sheep Bridge, Bed of Kalevipoeg, Lake Veskijärv, and Lake Lossijärv are all along the trail. There are two large information boards on the trail, log stairs in the Bed of Kalevipoeg, two bridges, signs, and small information boards that introduce the objects found in the protected area. You can read more about the hiking trail on the Peipsiääre rural municipality website.

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Length/Distance 4.5


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