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Adventure hike "Night in the woods with a lantern" in Elva recreational area

This adventure hike offers you an opportunity to come to the forests in the Elva recreational area in Tartu County. Thanks to the nocturnal peace, you will hear the noises of animals and birds better. You will also be able to smell the nocturnal forest. The hike is made more exciting by playfulness and proper hike rituals. At the end of the hike, you can rest your legs next to a crackling fire and eat a well-deserved picnic meal.  Those who complete the hike will be rewarded with a small gift! The hike is suitable for people aged 10 or older. Children can participate along with their parents.  

Features and amenities

Number of participants

Minimum number of participants 12

Maximum number of participants 20

Languages spoken



Further information

Duration (hours) 2


Free parking

Suitable for children

Recreation area/picnic ground

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