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The “Living on the Edge” project for nature lovers who enjoy active vacations

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Are you looking to get away from the city noises, take a break from the everyday hustle and bustle, have some “me time”, and enjoy the calm and diversity of the Estonian nature? South-Estonia with its possibilities for an active vacation is the answer. The “Living on the Edge” route, which is marked with yellow National Geographic windows, creates the feeling and tale of South-Estonia, and brings them closer to you. There, you can play golf, shoot a bow, go fishing, test yourself in group games, go on a hike in the picturesque scenery, ride a bicycle on the twisty roads, or even ride a horse. Be sure to check out the fascinating destinations of South-Estonia that are surely worthy of discovering. Pick a suitable time and route. Additional information can be found in the leaflet. 

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Length/Distance 543

Length/Distance 553.0

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