Tartu Convention Bureau

Tartu County Tourism was established as a non-profit organization in 1999 by Tartu City Government and the Association of Local Authorities of Tartu. The development of conference tourism in the city is one of its most important fields of activity. The Tartu Convention Bureau (TCB) has legal status as a trademark registered by Tartu County Tourism. The TCB has set itself the aim of promoting and developing Tartu as a conference city.

We are here to support you in planning your next event in Tartu. Tartu Convention Bureau helps event planners with:

  • event bid preparation;
  • information concerning conference venues, accommodation, catering, social activities, etc;
  • finding suitable transportation solutions;
  • finding local event partners (PCO´s, DMC´s and other service providers);
  • finding local contacts from the City Government, research institutions, privat sector companies, etc;
  • incentive ideas in Tartu and in the South-Estonia region;
  • maps, promotion and presentation materials about Tartu and Tartu County (incl. materials for your website);
  • organising site inspections.


We provide neutral and free of charge advice to all event planners!


The principal tasks of the Tartu Convention Bureau are:

  • to promote Tartu as a conference city;
  • to develop the concept of a conference city with the public and private sectors and scientific research centres;
  • to design a marketing plan with incentives for each year and to ensure the fulfilment of the plan;
  • to foster cooperation with conference and tourist organizations;
  • to carry out conference tourism marketing in target countries and within Estonia;
  • to establish and administer an online conference services database;
  • to provide impartial advice regarding the choice of conference venues, additional services etc.;
  • to compile information materials for conference tourism clients;
  • to develop a functioning cooperation network so as to convene a round-table meeting to discuss conference tourism issues;
  • to plan and carry out further education courses so as to meet cooperation needs with organizations and agencies;
  • to collect and analyse statistical data concerning conference tourism in Tartu;
  • to analyse the conditions of conference services, their further development and associated problems so as to draw conclusions and, where necessary, make proposals to municipal governments;
  • to inform the general public about the TCB’s activities and key events in the development of conference tourism; and
  • to organize trips for tour operators and journalists to acquaint them with conference facilities and to maintain active communication with the mass media.


Tartu Convention Bureau is aslo a member of Estonian Convention Bureau!

For further information contact us at conference at visittartu dot com.