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Restaurant Gruusia Köök
(+372) 58323182
Restaurant Gruusia Köök (Georgian Cuisine) serves wonderful and exciting dinners and lunches....
Restaurant Umb Roht
(+372) 7440055
A cosy restaurant, where chefs find inspiration from the local flora and fauna that offer...
Restaurant Antonius
(+372) 7370377
Restaurant Antonius is located in a room with a vaulted arch ceiling, adorned with a rare fresco....
Entri restaurant
(+372) 7409223
Entri is right in the heart of Tartu. You will have a great time and enjoy some unbeatable...
Trikster Tihane
(+372) 6888700
Trikster Tihane is a café-restaurant located in the building of the Widget Factory in Tartu. We...
Villa Margaretha restaurant
(+372) 7311820
The Villa Margaretha restaurant is tucked away in a basement but has windows onto the street...
Yakuza Sushi Bar in the Tasku shopping centre
(+372) 7412732
Yakuza Sushi Bar offers the best sushi and Japanese specialties in Tartu.
Russian restaurant Vassilissa
(+372) 6462001
Vassilissa is a family restaurant in the heart of Tartu that offers wonderful tastes for both...
Raadimõisa Restaurant
(+372) 7338050
We offer various catering options for groups that are accommodated in the hotel. It is also...
Restaurant Vaga Mama
(+372) 7477093
Vaga Mama is an Asian diner in the centre of Tartu serving Chinese, Thai and Nepalese dishes.
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