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Nature tour: from Tallinn to Tartu through Kõrvemaa forests
(+372) 7442111
If your destination is the cosy university town of Tartu and you can take longer than usual for...
Onion Route tour - a day trip departing from Tartu
(+372) 56480065
If you have reached Tartu, but would like a day in the country exploring a mystical region, then...
The “Living on the Edge” project for nature lovers who enjoy active vacations
(+372) 7442111
Are you looking to get away from the city noises, take a break from the everyday hustle and...
Tour of South-Estonia "Living on the Edge" for culture and history enthusiasts
(+372) 7442111
Come and visit the exciting places in South-Estonia through the yellow National Geographic...
Tour of the Old Believers
(+372) 7442111
This tour, which takes participants to the shores of Lake Peipus in East-Estonia, is focused on...
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