Playrooms and playgrounds
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AHHAA Science Centre, Tartu
(+372) 7456789
Want to surprise yourself? The AHHAA Science Centre offers science, excitement, adventure and...
Children's park at Tähtvere Leisure Park
(+372) 7422952
There are different attractions for children and young people aged 2–16 in the park. The...
Educating game "An entrepreneurial citizen" by Ettevõtlusküla
(+372) 53471529
An educating role play which teaches basic school students about entrepreneurship, business, and...
Ice Age Centre (Jääaja Keskus)
(+372) 4495588
Ice Age Centre welcomes everyone, who is interested in nature, cultural heritage and the...
Mushroom Country, a playground in Elva
(+372) 7330132
Elva Mushroom is a legendary former ice-cream kiosk, which was extremely popular among turists in...
Play Centre Marakratt
(+372) 58589878
Play Centre Marakratt, an indoor children's play centre in Kvartal Centre in Tartu, is inspired...
Tagurpidi Maja
(+372) 56881811
Tagurpidi Maja (upside-down house) is a dizzying adventure for both the young and the old. We...
Tartu Traffic Town
(+372) 53544405
Traffic Town teaches children about the rules of traffic and provides an opportunity to...
Vudila Playland
(+372) 58224224
WE DON'T WANT TO SLEEP TODAY, WE WANT TO GO TO VUDILA! Vudila Playland has a large water park...
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