Nature photography trips

Address: Järvselja küla, Kastre vald, Tartu County 62506, (+372) 5217789 | Show on map
Mobile phone: (+372) 5020228
Telephone: (+372) 5217789
E-mail: info at metsaturism dot ee
Method of payment: Cash only
We arrange nature observation and photographic trips to the Emajõgi Suursoo bog. You can watch sea eagles from a boat or canoe, take photographs of various birds or organise a photographic hunt. Trips generally start at Järvselja village, but the starting point can be elsewhere, if the clients so wish. Photographic trips and the shelter are designed for small groups of 2–3 people. However, trips for much larger groups can also be arranged, including photographic training. Prices depend on the exact nature of your trip and the places where you take photographs.
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