Literary tours

Literary walk in Tartu old town – Tartu as a UNESCO Literature city

From 2015 Tartu is a UNESCO Literature City, joining the group of other similar creative towns in the world: Bagdad, Barcelona, Dublin, Dunedin, Edinburgh, Granada, Heidelberg, Iowa, Kraków, Ljubljana, Lviv, Melbourne, Montevideo, Norwich, Nottingham, Óbidos, Praha, Reykjavík, Uljanovsk, Utrecht, Québec, Seattle, Manchester, Milaano, Lillehammer, Durban, Bucheon.

Our literary walk will take you from the heart of the city, the town hall square, to the tranquil embankment of the river Emajõgi. We will take a deep breath in the peaceful greenery of the riverside park, and – time permitting – continue into the bustle of the old town, and even stately Dome-hill park. In addition to opening the background to the important locations and objects for the socio-cultural life of Tartu and Estonia, we will get a glimpse of how some selected places we visit have been depicted in Estonian literature, poetry or film, or related to our creative people, through the course of history.

You can choose from three different tours, covering respectively:

1. The town-hall-square and embankment of the river Emajõgi (about 1,5 h)
2. The town-hall-square, the embankment of the river Emajõgi and the old town (about 2,5 h)
3. The town-hall-square, the embankment of the river Emajõgi, the old town and the Dome hill area (about 3,5 h)

All trips, their length and objects we visit can be chosen based on the preferences and wishes of the group. Welcome to enjoy the literary impressions of Tartu!

Guide: Kristina Mullamaa
Telephone: +372 511 7138