Musical production for children "Childhood Band" (Lapsepõlvebänd)

Address: Vanemuise tn 6, Tartu, Tartu County 51003, (+372) 7440165 | Show on map
Telephone: (+372) 7440165
E-mail: teater at vanemuine dot ee
Often we get the urge to throw everything aside and start up a band – sing, play and have fun. Sometimes the urge is even stronger in adults, but they’re shy and don’t show it, because they have work and housework and other worries that keep from being free. Lame, right? But on the stage, everything’s possible, because it’s a meeting point for actors who love to play. In this theatre production, they get a chance to go back to where they came from – their childhood – and do what they always dreamed of doing – forming a band! In Estonian.
Times and prices
Max price: from 18.5 €
Price from: from 9 €
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