Kavastu raft

Address: Parve tee-12, Kavastu küla, Luunja vald, Tartu County 62204, (+372) 53302611 | Show on map
Mobile phone: (+372) 53302611
E-mail: luunjavv at luunja dot ee
Method of payment: Cash only
In 1899, W. Wulff, the landlord of Kavastu, ordered that there be a raft to make it easier to cross River Emajõgi. In 1983, the chain of the raft broke, the raft disappeared downstream, and the flywheel sunk to the bottom of the river. In 1999, the century-old tradition was brought back to life; the original flywheel was lifted from the river basin and put to work again. Everyone should come on a trip on the raft, because there is no other place in Estonia where you can cross the river like this. The raft’s mechanism is manual and more than a century old. More information on the Kavastu-Veskimäe raft and boat departures is available here.
Times and prices
1.04 - 31.10
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday:06:30 - 19:00
Saturday, Sunday:09:00 - 19:00
Group price: from 5 €
Child: from 1 €
School student: from 1 €
Pensioner: from 1 €
Family ticket: from 5 €
Adult: from 2 €
University student: from 1 €
Exact price to be clarified by service provider.