Guides in Tartu county

The following tour guides have successfully passed the licensing test on the culture, history and tour-guiding specifics in Tartu county including the Peipsiveer-region:


Aigi Ühtigi
Date of first qualification: 2007

Qualified until: 2017
Occupation: economist
Time of birth: 1956
Telephone: +372 512 8837
Introduction: history, nature, travelling
Languages: Estonian, German


Kristel Mikkor
Date of first qualification: 2009
Qualified until: 2020
Field of degree: mathematics, PhD.
Time of birth: 1978
Telephone: +372 5669 1395
Introduction: mathematics, skiing, cookery
Languages: Estonian, English


Kristina Mullamaa
Date of first qualification: 1998
Qualified until: 2019
Field of degree: lingusitics, PhD
Time of birth: 1972
Telephone: +372 511 7138
Introduction: linguistics, music, art, history, politics, sports, society, eduaction, tourism 
Languages: Estonian, English, Swedish


Lea Asso
Date of first qualification: 1993
Qualified until: 2019
Occupation: translator
Time of birth: 1957
Telephone: +372 551 3762
Introduction: psychology, studying, travelling

Languages: Estonian, Finnish


Lili Kängsepp
Date of first qualification: 1999
Qualified until: 2019
Field of degree: germanistics; tourism geography
Time of birth: 1962
Telephone: +372 772 6267, +372 5625 7451
Introduction: culture, photography, hiking

Languages: Estonian, German


Tiiu Kängsepp-Prost
Date of first qualification: 1999
Qualified until: 2019
Occupation: travel consultant
Time of birth: 1967
Telephone: +372 5625 7655
Introduction: geography, hiking, photography

Languages: Estonian, German


Toomas Jüriado
Date of first qualification: 2001

Qualified until: 2018
Field of degree: chemist, journalist
Time of birth: 1947
Telephone: +372 748 5850, +372 5340 4387
Introduction: nature protection, birds, travelling, journalism, chemistry 
Languages: Estonian, Russian