Tartu County Tourism Foundation

Tartu Visitor Centre of Tartu County Tourism Foundation

Raekoda, Tartu 50089 Estonia
Ph: +372 744 2111
info at visittartu dot com, tartu at visitestonia dot com

Open: May 15th - September 15th: Mon-Fri 9:00-18:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-17:00;
September 16th - May 14th: Mon 9:00-18:00, Tue-Fri 9:00-17:00, Sat 10:00-14:00

Located in the beautiful old Town Hall, Tartu Visitor Centre is a full-service affair, providing travel tips on all of Estonia. There are three Internet terminals which are free for tourists, luggage hold and exhibitions on Tartu in an adjoining room.

Ruth Pärnaku, Information specialist, ruth dot parnaku at visittartu dot com

Maigi Lokko, Information specialist maigi dot lokko at visittartu dot com

Kaire Savi, Information specialist kaire dot savi at visittartu dot com


Tartu County Tourism Foundation (office)

Jaani 7, Tartu 51007 Estonia

Ph: +372 740 0782, +372 744 1464
Registration code: 90001701
Pank account: 22 101 230 4942 Swedbank
IBAN: EE242200221012304942
VAT code: EE100694837
TP code: 44 63 05

Helen Kalberg, Chairman of the Board &
Marketing Manager at Tartu City Government
Tel: +372 736 1104
mobile: +372 513 3929
helen dot kalberg at raad dot tartu dot ee

Annika Ojasaar, Project Manager & Marketing Specialist
Tel: +372 740 0782
mobile: +372 5886 7883
annika dot ojasaar at visittartu dot com

Pilvi Käiro, Marketing Specialist
Tel: +372 740 0782
mobile: +372 5326 9353
pilvi dot kairo at visittartu dot com

Sille Siniavski, Marketing Specialist
(on maternity leave)

Tartu Convention Bureau of Tartu County Tourism Foundation

Jaani 7, Tartu 51007 Estonia
conference at visittartu dot com

Kaia Lehtsaar, Executive Manager
Tel: +372 744 1464
mobile: +372 513 7946
kaia dot lehtsaar at visittartu dot com

Kati Teppo, Executive Manager
(on maternity leave)