Food workshops
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Cooking workshop of Maitseelamuse Koda
(+372) 53460078
Maitseelamuse Koda organizes travelling workshops that are a perfect follow-up activity for your...
Ghostly dinners in Alatskivi Castle
(+372) 7453816
We offer an unforgettable experience with a ghostly dinner in the restaurant of Alatskivi Castle....
Hellenurme Watermill programme ‘From water to bread or making flour in a mill and bread in a bakery’
(+372) 5205142
Coming to Elva gives you the unique opportunity to see Hellenurme Watermill, the last...
Peipsiveere tea culture workshop
(+372) 5181125
The tea culture workshop is about the culture of drinking tea in the villages of the Old...
Raw chocolate workshop
(+372) 5239517
In the workshop, we will make raw chocolate delicacies. In the workshop, you can: • learn what...
Tour and craft beer tasting in the brewery Juhus
(+372) 56351078
Siim, Mart, and Triin do what they love most – they make craft beer. They started making beer...
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