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Küüni Peetri Pizza in Tartu
(+372) 7312277
Peetri Pizza has a wide selection of thin-crust pizzas, as well as pan pizzas. You can always get...
Pappa Pizza Tartu
(+372) 7427933
Situated in the centre of Tartu, we offer not only pizza but also pasta, dumplings and pastries....
Peetri Pizza in Elva
(+372) 7720011
Besides pizza we offer pasta, daily pizza, children pizza. Call ahead and order and pick up on...
Peetri Pizza in Aardla, Tartu
(+372) 7409009
This cosy pizzeria is in the Selver complex in Aardla in Tartu. You can place your orders over...
Veeriku Peetri Pizza in Tartu
(+372) 7752293
Peetri Pizza is located at the Veeriku shopping centre. Students and teachers get a 15%...
Sushi Meistrid
(+372) 54502557
We started our business under the name Sushi Meistrid in October 2014 and we aim to offer quality...
Peipsimaa Maitseelamused
(+372) 58257710
Peipsimaa Maitseelamused is a take-away serving delicious meals at the city centre of Tartu. We...
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