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Day trip on the Onion Route
(+372) 56480065
This seven-hour trip to Onion Route provides an overview of: *The culture of Baltic Germans at...
Ghost tour of Tartu
(+372) 53902177
Ronk Ronk invites you on a walk on Tartu Toomemägi hill and its surroundings where you will hear...
Onion Road. Discover through adventures!
(+372) 56480065
The multi-layered Onion Road near Lake Peipus is waiting for you! The Onion Road offers a lot of...
Onion Route tour - a day trip departing from Tartu
(+372) 56480065
If you have reached Tartu, but would like a day in the country exploring a mystical region, then...
Tartu Alternative Tour / Tartu Pseudo Tours
(+372) 56166394
The unique cultural landscape of Tartu and the picturesque Karlova timber buildings absolutely...
The “Living on the Edge” project for nature lovers who enjoy active vacations
(+372) 7442111
Are you looking to get away from the city noises, take a break from the everyday hustle and...
Tour of South-Estonia "Living on the Edge" for culture and history enthusiasts
(+372) 7442111
Come and visit the exciting places in South-Estonia through the yellow National Geographic...
University of Tartu Museum awaits you to discover the heart of Tartu - Toome Hill (Toomemägi)
(+372) 56892897
The tour introduces you to the different formations, symbolic buildings and monuments of Toome...
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