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Emajõgi River Festival
(+372) 53482682
The focal point of the festival is the most essential natural symbol of Tartu – River Emajõgi....



Festival in Aparaaditehas (The Widget Factory)
The Festival in Aparaaditehas (The Widget Factory) is taking place for the second time and in the...


Tartu Autumn Exhibition. Pedigree Animal
(+372) 7383823
At the exhibition Pedigree Animal, you will see the best thoroughbreds: sheep, domestic fowls,...


Estonian Theatre Festival Draama
Draama will take over Tartu once more at the beginning of September. The Estonian Theatre...
Maarjalaat 2017 in Tartu
(+372) 7361194
Maarjalaat is a fair that offers a large variety of Estonian foods and farm goods. There is also...


Arvo Pärt Days 2017 – 'Tintinnabuli' / Nargenfestival 2017
Nargenfestival, launched by Tõnu Kaljuste, is the longest and most diverse summer cultural...


Buffet day on Onion Road
The tradition of home cafes has become a thing of honour in Estonia in recent years. The Peipus...


Voldemar Kuslap 'Siin on see laul'
Sun, 17 September at 5 p.m. Paide cultural centre Wed, 20 September at 7 p.m. Vanemuine Concert...
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