Crossroads / Step into the Light

Address: Vanemuise tänav 45a, Tartu, Tartu County 51003, | Show on map
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This production comes out of a passion and love for dance! CROSSROADS Director-choreographer Russell Adamson I gave the production the name CROSSROADS (Ristteed). I imagine it as materialising as the sum of styles, emotions and skills – a criss-crossing of all the ingredients of dance: dancers, emotions, creative thinking, purpose, cooperation, ballet, hip-hop, jazz and much more... Music and rhythm that come from inside you! STEP INTO THE LIGHT Director-choreographer Matthew Jordan The English-speaking world says tap dance, Estonians say steptants. I say “Step into the Light” – and light starts sparkling off the dancing shoes!
Times and prices
Max price: from 21 €
Price from: from 14.4 €
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