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Werner Café
(+372) 7426377
Over the past 120 years, Werner Café has become a meeting point for spiritual people, where you...
Waide summer cafe
(+372) 7303606
Waide summer cafe is a great place for spending your summer nights. It offers delicious food and...
Café-Lounge Ylicool
(+372) 4833390
A child-friendly café-lounge where friendly staff serve fantastically presented delicious food.
Café Crepp
(+372) 7422133
Come and enjoy French cuisine, pleasant service, and cosy atmosphere in Café Crepp! We are...
Café of the Ice Age Centre
(+372) 59113318
Café of the Ice Age Centre serves wholesome sandwiches, salads, warm meals, delicious baked...
Cafe Anna Edasi
(+372) 7304532
Anna Edasi is a small family-run cafe in the Karlova district of Tartu. It is named after the...
Café Anna
(+372) 55690051
Peaceful and homely atmosphere, smiling and helpful hostess, and a picturesque location are what...
Café Caffeine in Küüni street
(+372) 59118362
Café Caffeine offers over fifty various coffee drinks with about twenty different syrups, each...
Café Caffeine
(+372) 56806660
Caffeine offers delicious coffee with lots of flavour nuances, wonderful cakes, warm and cold...
Cafe Pööriöö at the Estonian National Museum
Cafe Pööriöö is a preferred spot among the individual visitors of the Estonian National...
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